About Mario Dederichs

Photo of Mario Dederichs

Hello! My name is Mario and I make music.

Over the course of the years I wrote music for a trance group, played guitar in a metalcore band, sang on glam rock records and toured clubs with a punk band. I made music for video games, wrote chiptunes, mixed, arranged, mastered and did heavy metal covers on YouTube.

You could say: I get around musically.

My approach to music is simple: I do what I like. And I try to be professional about it. I think about improving myself a lot, both artistically and personally.
And I like to surround myself with other creative people: musicians, artists, filmmakers, video game developers, writers, visionaries.

I’m also a musical vagabond. Doing the same thing over and over again bores me. I like challenges. I like new sounds and old music and I constantly have an idea for yet another song or project. And I think that stagnation is bad.

And I’m at your disposal. So send me a message if you want to work with me. Perhaps you’re the next paragraph in my biography.