Our Darkest Dreams

You’re Not Alone! (Final Fantasy IX) / Time’s Scar (Chrono Cross) — Rock Vocal Cover

Rock vocal cover / medley of songs by Blake Inc.:
You’re Not Alone! – Final Fantasy IX OST – Nobou Uematsu
Scars of Time (aka: Time’s Scar) – Chrono Cross – Yasunori Mitsuda

I’ve previously dabbled in video game vocal covers before and this time it’s no different: A game music tune (two actually!), loud guitars and – you guessed it – vocals. This time, we did a three-minute progressive rock opera heavy symphonic metal kind-of-thing. I hope it sounds better than it reads! We also submitted this to OCRemix and since they only accept original song titles we came up with the name ‘Our Darkest Dreams’.

And so, after another two year absence, we finally got around to make another video! For that, we also got to test-drive our new camera. We’re pretty excited about the outcome and we hope you are too. 🙂

Matti has been handling bass (and backing vocal) duties on some of our previous songs. And here he is, back in action. This time, he also contributed the lyrics, which I’ve listed further below.

Filmed in Bonn, Germany.



Vocals & Guitars: Mario Dederichs
Bass & Lyrics: Matthias Opitz
Arranged and Mixed by: Mario Dederichs

Camera & Video Production: Matthias Opitz
Editor: Mario Dederichs

Song lyrics:

Lost so far from home
Tell me, are you friend or foe?
Ever growing colder
I’m just an empty shell

Now all hope is gone
Left in here to die alone
Banished to the shadows
Where all is barren and bleak

Now the die is cast
Caught within my distant past
Plagued by these illusions
Of days I’ll never see

Help me break these chains
Now it’s time to turn the page
Save me from the shadows
I put my trust in you

Come with me, my friends
This war I can’t fight alone
Guide me with your light

There’s no turning back
We must face all our darkest dreams
I am so afraid

But I’m not alone in this barren place
When all fades away, you’ll stay by my side

And I was blind, but now I can see
The future that lies just ahead of me

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

Ylvis Metal Cover

After almost two years of absence our next video is finally online! Can you believe it?
We decided to do a metal cover of the biggest viral hit in 2013, our way to pay tribute to an awesome song by two awesome brothers from Norway.
Can the most mysterious forest animal of the world rock? We think so.

As you can tell, we had a lot of fun filming this whole thing, especially with our special guest, Trudi the Fox Plushie.


Vocals & Guitars: Mario Dederichs
Bass & Shouts: Matthias Opitz
Shouts & Backing Vocals: Matthias Baumunk
Arranged and Mixed by: Mario Dederichs

Camera: Simon Lang
Producer: Matthias Opitz
Editor: Mario Dederichs

Set Fire to the Rain

Adele Hard Rock Cover

Long time no see, eh? We present: A hard rock cover of Adele’s ballad »Set Fire to the Rain«, all hand-crafted and performed for your viewing and listening pleasures! Filmed in our beloved rehearsal room, using a shitload of effects, transitions and camera positions.

The guitar rack in the background is not mine, it belongs to the awesome Jonny C. Maverick, guitar player of my former band, Zero Division.


Vocals & Guitars: Mario Dederichs
Bass: Matthias Opitz
Drums: Hendrik Ossenbrink
Arranged and Mixed by: Mario Dederichs

Camera: Tobias Langenbucher
Editor: Mario Dederichs


Pokémon / Power Rangers Theme Metal Cover

A metal cover / medley of both the Power Rangers Theme Song by The Mighty RAW (aka Go Go Power Rangers) and the Pokémon Theme Song (aka Gotta Catch ’em All).

Features metal guitars, shouting/screaming, metal vocals and very poorly done video editing!

We filmed this clip with our new super duper HD camera, yay! There are a lot of continuity errors, but we still had a lot of fun making it. I didn’t have so much fun editing it because my computer is a piece of shit. But I still like how it turned out.

Filmed in my former band Zero Division’s very own rehearsal space by ourselves. So people sometimes disappear in certain shots because they have to stand behind the camera.


Vocals & Guitars: Mario Dederichs
Guitars: Tobias Langenbucher
Bass & Shouts: Matthias Opitz
Drums: Hendrik Ossenbrink
Arranged and Mixed by: Mario Dederichs

Camera: All of the above
Editor: Mario Dederichs


Linkin Park Acoustic Cover

Acoustic version of Linkin Park’s »Crawling«.

I froze my butt off in a t-shirt at 0°C (~30°F), I was thrown snow at and I sang emotionally on stairs. Only for you guys. Yep, that’s just how much I love you.

Thanks to my very talented buddy Florian for joining me in this emotional Christmas adventure.

Filmed with an insanely old DV camera (by our trve frostbitten pal Gorghul, thanks!) and recorded @ Trash Town Studios, Germany. Have fun!


Vocals, Guitars & Percussion: Mario Dederichs
Keys & Percussion: Florian Langenbucher
Arranged and Mixed by: Mario Dederichs

Camera: Tobias Langenbucher
Editor: Mario Dederichs