Usage Restrictions

Here are some very basic and easy-to-follow rules for using my music in your projects. Feel free to contact me for further questions and proposals.

  1. These rules apply only to the songs listed under the page “Free Music“, not to music featured on any other area of the site.
  2. Without prior written consent, you may not use these tracks in commercial projects.
    • Exception: You may use the music for YouTube videos that generate ad revenue through the AdSense program.
  3. You must give credit to me by listing both my name (Mario Dederichs) and my website ( For example:
    “Contains music by Mario Dederichs (”
  4. These songs may be shortened, looped or filtered. If you plan on re-arranging, remixing or covering these songs, please drop me a note beforehand.
  5. My music cannot to be featured in content that is racist, sexist, fascist, homo- and transphobic, violent or potentially harmful. In doubt, contact me.
  6. You may not redistribute the music without prior written consent.